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To help people find things to do in their city!
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Welcome to One Place Events. Where we help you find and attend events. Our focus is on simplicity, ease of use and being the most comprehensive source of events in Bangkok.

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Everyday people from all over Bangkok rely on One Place to plan their precious time in the big mango. We serve up events ranging from EDM and classical music nights to silent movie festivals and hip night markets.

Event organisers and venues rely on us to help promote and sell tickets to their awesome events. With One Place tools, organisers can take control of their events.

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Our Platform

Full local events guide. A full ticketing solution.
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Our platform enables tourists, expats and locals to see what is happening in a city. We use the latest technology and design principles to display events and activities in a simple way.

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We also offer opportunities for venues and event organisers to promote their events on our platform. Our Platform is free toi use for both users and venues

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Our Team

We are more than code monkeys
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One Place started as a simple events timeline in 2013, but has quickly developed into something more. Started by Adam and Andy and later joined by Eliot.

Eliot - CEO - Partner. Business.
Chicago native in Asia for 6+ years. Educated in sciences with a passion for research, analysis, and strategy. Former project manager. Start-up experience in both US and Thailand.

Adam - CPO - Partner. Designer.
Originally born and educated in UK. Creative genius with 100s of websites designed. The visionary behind design and functionality of One Place. Based in Thailand.

Andy - CDO - Partner. Developer.
The original One Place engineer in UK. ASP.NET skills that open doors to limitless functionality. Experienced lead developer specializing in scalability. A family man and rubix cube guru.

Liam - CTO - Partner. Developer.
UK born and educated. A true tech prodigy and fast-paced workaholic. ASP.NET developer and application architect. Keen understanding of mobile, payment, and complementary platforms

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